K2 and Broad Peak from Concordia, Pakistan.
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Pakistan 1994 - Naltar Valley and

Asambar Pass Trek

A trek in the wild north of the country, between the Naltar Valley and Yasin village, via the Phakor (15,500 ft) and Asambar (14,400 ft) Passes. Photographs, Diary.

India and Pakistan 1996 - From

Mumbai to the Khyber Agency

An eight week overland journey from the Gateway of India in Mumbai to the armed tribesmen of the North West Frontier Province. Photographs, Diary, Google Earth.

Venezuela 2000 - Expedition to

Angel Falls

Into the rainforests of Canaima National Park on foot and by canoe, to the World's highest waterfall - Angel Falls. Photographs, Diary, Google Earth.
One of our porters rests with Shani Peak in the background. Armed tribesmen of Swat Kohistan, Pakistan. The rapids at Iguanameru, Gran Sabana, Venezuela.

India 2001 - Temples, Tigers and

the Himalaya

When I organised this journey, I tried to make it a classic India trip, taking in the best that the country has to offer:- a trek in the Kumoan Himalaya to the Pindari Glacier, the palaces and forts of Rajasthan and the wild tigers of Ranthambore National Park. Photographs, Diary, Google Earth.

Iceland 2002 - Landmanalaugar to

Skogar Trek

The trek between Landmannalaugar, Thorsmork and Skogar in Iceland is thought to be the country's greatest trek and some people even argue that it is one of the World's finest. Each of the five days reveals a different type of scenery from multi- coloured volcanic mountains, ice caps and lava deserts to a beautiful grassy valley full of wild flowers and streams. Photographs, Diary, Google Earth. 

Brazil 2002 - Pico da Neblina Trek

Pico da Neblina (The Misty Mountain) is Brazil's highest peak and soars out of the Amazon rainforest to a height of nearly ten thousand feet. It is so remote that it was only officially discovered in 1953. Few people have seen it and it has never been mapped. In September 2002 I joined an expedition to the summit of the mountain, organised by KE Adventure Travel. Photographs, Diary, Google Earth.  
Nanda Khat, Kumoan Himalaya, India. Rowan Castle trekking to Pico da Neblina, Brazil.


Found below are summaries of selected travels, treks and expeditions I have undertaken. Clicking on ‘more info’ will take you to a dedicated page for each journey, where you can read my travel diaries (where available), view photographs, video footage, and equipment lists. In addition you can obtain Google Earth files (requires Google Earth to be installed on your device) and GPS co-ordinates. This page will be updated with new content very soon.
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A summer meadow in the Dolomites, Italy.

Italy 2003 - The Dolomites and


Walking, climbing and paragliding in the Dolomites, plus a day trip to Venice. Photographs, Videos.
The Monastery at Petra, Jordan.

Egypt & Jordan 2005 - the Red Sea

and a trip to Petra.

After training for my Private Pilots Licence in Florida, I needed a holiday to relax and unwind. I chose to return to Dahab to go snorkelling and camel trekking. While I was there, I took the opportunity to travel by hydrofoil to Jordan, and visit the famous stone city of Petra. Photographs.
The Azadi Tower at night, Tehran, Iran.

Iran 2008 - Mosques and Deserts

A four week solo backpacking tour of Iran, taking in Tehran, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, Kerman and Shiraz. I also visited the Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut deserts. Photographs.
Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland. My guide Farag and his camel, Sinai Desert, Egypt.

Egypt 2001 - The Red Sea and the

Sinai Desert.

Snorkelling in the Red Sea at the beautiful and relaxing town of Dahab, plus a camel trek to Ain Khodra Oasis in the Sinai Desert. I also visited St. Catherine’s Monastery and climbed Mount Sinai to watch the sunset. Photographs.
Rowan Castle on the summit of Mera Peak, Nepal.

Nepal 2003 - Mera Peak

A succesful ascent of Mera Peak (21,197ft. / 6461m), Nepal's highest 'trekking peak'. Photographs, Diary, Videos.
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