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Rowan Castle in the cockpit of Hawker Hunter T7 G-FFOX.

Jet Fighter Flight 2004

My Flight in a Hawker Hunter T7

In 2004, I was watching a TV programme called ‘50 Things To Do Before You Die’ which featured the presenter (Gabby Logan) flying in a Hawker Hunter T7 fighter jet. This made me wonder if such a flight was available to the public, and I was amazed when an internet search revealed that it could be booked through a company called ‘Fly Magic’. Until then, the only non-military jet fighter flights I was aware of involved travelling to either the former Soviet Union or to South Africa, and were prohibitively expensive. Amazingly, I was able to book a flight here in the United Kindgom, and that is how on 14th August 2004, I had the incredible opportunity to fulfill one of my lifetime ambitions and fly in an ex-RAF Hawker Hunter T7 jet. We took off from Kemble Aerodrome, and the flight lasted approximately forty minutes. We did some aerobatics, and I was even allowed to take the controls for a while.
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Note: Photos were taken from the ground by my father, Jack Castle.
Note: I was advised not to take my camcorder on the flight, so this video was shot from the ground by Jack Castle.