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Volcanic landscape near Landmannalaugar, Iceland.

Iceland 2002

Landmannalaugar to Skogar Trek

I wanted to do a short trek, somewhere in Europe, that ideally would not cost too much. Leafing through an old copy of Adventure Travel magazine, I re-discovered an article about the Landmanalaugar to Skogar trek in Iceland. This route is rated as Iceland's premier walk, and some guidebooks even claim that it is one of the best treks in the World! It starts in the South Central Highlands, amongst the colourful rhyolitic mountains and geothermal vents of Landmannalaugar. These mountains were laid down by volcanic action, and then dramatically eroded to create undulating hills of multi-coloured mineral deposits. As the path loses altitude, it descends out of these hills and crosses a bleak lava desert of black ash, punctuated by pyramidal mountains and raging glacial rivers. At the other side is the wide valley of Thorsmork (Woods of Thor), which has stunning views of two of Icelands huge ice caps - Eyafjallajokul and Myrdalsjokul. The route then climbs out of the valley, along a sharp ridge and crosses the Fimmvorthuhals Pass between the two ice caps. From there, it descends sharply to the North Atlantic coast, finishing at the sixty-metre high Skogafoss waterfall at the small settlement of Skogar.
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